The Earth Tortoise School

  A Montessori Community for Infants through Preschoolers

2020/2021 School Year Calendar

We strongly value family and rejuvenation as being good for the soul and an important part of everyone's life. The school closures listed here are designed to provide everyone - the children, parents, and staff - time to spend with loved ones, opportunities for refueling and enriching the spirit and returning to school with new energy. Everyone needs a vacation sometimes and pre-planning for this allows us to provide the most consistent care possible, avoiding the need for alternate care-givers throughout the year.

June 1st 2020                  Opening of our new location

Aug. 24th - Aug.28th        Closed for Teacher Work Week

August 31st, 2020            New Student Orientations

September 1st, 2020        First Day Of School

September 7th, 2020       Closed for Labor Day

October 16th, 2020          No School- Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

November 11th, 2020       Closed for Veterans Day

November 20th, 2020       Closed for Teacher Work Day

Nov. 23rd & 24th 2020      No School- Parent/ Teacher Conferennces

Nov. 25 - 27th 2020          Closed for Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 21st - Jan.1st           Closed for Winter Break

January 4th & 5th             Closed for Teacher Work Day

January 6th, 2021            Back to School

January 18th, 2021          Closed for MLK Jr Day

February 15th, 2021        Closed for Presidents Day

March 17th, 2021            Closed for Teacher Work Day

March 18th & 19th          No School- Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 22nd- 26th           Closed for Spring Break

May 7th, 2021                Early Release @11- Family Picnic @12

May 31st, 2021              Closed for Memorial Day

July 5th- 9th, 2021         Closed for Summer Break #1

August 20th,2021           Early [email protected] Summer Picnic @ 12

August 23rd- 27th          Closed for Summer Break #2

August 30th & 31st         Closed for Teacher Work Days

September 1st                First Day of School

September 6th, 2021       Closed for Labor Day

Monthly tuition has been assessed based on an annual enrollment and divided into 12 equal payments. Tuition is not prorated for school closures.